A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

You may not believe in Magic, but Magic believes in you. Love of Magic is an adult visual novel drawing inspiration from Persona and Urban Fantasy.

Downloads available for PC, OSX, Linux and Android.

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Latest update:

The 0.3.24b update is called the Crowley Expansion. Basically it involves upgrading the pub you live in, getting access to new events, working at night, and new characters that come crawling in to check out the place. It also introduces the Black Rose II event, the ability to work and read at night, and several new Slice of Life events with different characters around the world.

We thank you for your application to the Master of Arts in Applied Thaumaturgy (Evoc.) at Edinburgh University. After careful consideration it has been determined that you are hereby admitted to the 2019 intake."

Welcome to the world of Magic, where demi-Gods drink in your local pub, and the great grand-daughter of King Arthur is your study-buddy. Fight your way through the Paths of Elsewhere, romance a variety of gorgeous women, and discover your destiny.

Sounds interesting? Here's the first 10 minutes of gameplay, to give you a teaser to the world, the characters, and the Poker -based combat system.

First 10 minutes gameplay.

As the game progresses, the world opens up, and you'll have more freedom. Encounter different characters, train in the gym or enhance your skills, read books and drink coffee, or hang out at the pub working.

Development on Love of Magic is divided into Acts, with each Act being planned as a ~2 hr episode.  Each Act has certain fixed events tied to the calendar, interspersed with free time where you can improve your character, chase girls or hunt on the Paths of Elsewhere. Time is limited; each Act has a fixed number of days, so use your time wisely.

- For OSX, you may need to give chmod +x permissions to make the application run.
|chmod +x Love of Magic.app/Contents/MacOS/*

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Authordroid productions
GenreVisual Novel, Card Game, Role Playing
Made withUnity
TagsErotic, Fantasy, Funny, Romance, Story Rich, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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