Act II final testing (and some TGIF wallpapers)

I'm in the final run-up for Act II, with testing ongoing for all 3 platforms (PC/OSX/Android).  If you want to be part of the testing team, come join the Discord

I'm almost done with the first pass of Elsewhere; Act II's Elsewhere will be primarily ensuring that everything works the way it's supposed to do, and provide a scaffold to build out on. We finally have *almost* all the core gameplay loops working. The final one will come in for Act III.

The Crowley was always meant to be upgraded; as you trawl through Elsewhere you'll find two types of ingredients. Normal ingredients can be sold to Chloe for gems or cash, but Special Ingredients can be used to upgrade the Crowley itself (they allow her to develop new potions and drinks). As you upgrade it, the customer base will change from drunken tourists to the world of the supernatural, with new and fun encounters when you work. I was doing some renders for one of the encounters on the higher end, and one of my friends (another erodev maker, decided to make some wallpapers of two of them. Here they are, enjoy TGIF!

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