The Paths of Elsewhere

One of the goals with Elsewhere was always that it shouldn't just be a grind, but also provide a way to tell additional story snippets. I finally fixed up the first of these, which triggers an optional side story when you rest in Elsewhere.

Some of these sidestories will advance characters, tell backstories, give resources, or just be little emotional interludes. Most of them are text only, but once I started telling the story of a shared kiss stolen by a campfire in Elsewhere, I couldn't stop myself. I loved the juxtaposition between modern militia armour and ancient Scwartalf Plate here.

Apart from that, Elsewhere moves on. I've added two new enemy races (3 fire elementals, 3 draugr); I'm settling on the Grunt/Knight/Lord differentiation for most of the regular enemies. Fire elementals are getting a passive ability, which is something i need to build support for. It's part of the general migration of skills and traits of characters now that I've got enough Poker combat to get real feedback; some allies will have passive abilities (Bella will shield you for a % of damage taken, Katie will boost fire gem damage), and some enemies will have traits (permanent immediate effects) that differentiate them. In their case, they take -30% damage from firegems. Sorry, Katie. 

I'm hopeful that I can get this into testing in the next 2 days, and have a somewhat major update by the end of the week.


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