Love of Magic 0.2.14 Update

The halfway update for Act II is done. This is a big update, focused on elsewhere. Several new enemies, new elsewhere events, a new companion, lots of balance modifications to make the game more fun, and increased gold payouts to keep things flowing smoothly. It also includes a new event with Bella and Katie, triggered from Grassmarket. Basically, the goal is that each Act gets two updates; one that shifts the story forward, and one that adds more complexity and life to the world.

With that update out of the way, it's time to fully focus on the story for Act III. With the world and characters set in motion in Act I & II, Act III is where I finally let destiny begin her bloody work.

Having said that, there's still space for humour, romance, and love. And Cat Girls. There's always time for Cat Girls.


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Genuinely loving the story and mystery in this... loving seeing the plot evolve.

Only recently found this, is there an "expected" timeframe for updates/completion?

I just finished Act III's main story. Todo is a series of 3 scenes I refer to as the Lakeside Tales, which are basically fanservice. Apart from that, I have the Cat Girl outfit scene.

Some animations for Lakeside Tales, I should probably do a blogpost about it :)

Woo Hype! :D