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With Love of Magic slowly taking form (I just finished the final scene in the main story-arch of Act I), I derailed a bit to look at marketing assets.

Love of Magic takes place in a universe that's remarkably similar to ours, with the exception that magic is real. The protagonist visualizes his magic as a game of poker, and cards are a major theme throughout the game. I decided that this would be a nice opportunity to learn Adobe After Effects, so I signed up a trial and started banging my head off it. This video was actually quite easy; it involves a pre-made template, were I just added music and some specific assets.

This one was significantly harder, and is still Work in Progress (all the girls are getting re-rendered doing a 3D pose/turn, and I'm tweaking things like animation timings and sounds). It plays at the end of Act I, and asks... what do you really know about the girls that surround you. Each has secrets, motivations, dreams and fears. Sometimes in ways that the player doesn't expect, or see. It's harder because I'm having to puzzle out all the various ideas from scratch. The glass shattering was the original idea; I wanted the idea to be that the masks we present to the world hide our true selves, and as the tension mounts, those masks will break, showing their true faces.

Once I have a build ready for external testing, I'll create a new project for it. In the meanwhile, DM me if you're interested in being a beta-tester. Thanks!

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Oct 10, 2019

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