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Making Movies is still in early development. 0.1.0 is the first 'stable' release, and has at the moment 4 'NSFW movie scenes', each with multiple outcomes. It's available on PC/OSX/Linux, Android and playable in a web-browser (without videos, though).

- How do I get Mia to agree to giving me a blowjob in the first movie?

Mia will pretty much always react better to kindness. Offer her a drink (there's a drinks tray to her right), and treat her well. You need 28 kindness when asking her (Would you do it for me?). If she agrees, she'll respond "persuasion success I can do that.... for you."

- How do I max out Susan's first movie?

Susan requires a forceful hand, as she says "Shhh... I like you better when you're strong and silent. Act the bitch and I will treat you accordingly. Do we understand each other?". You need to build at least 10 strength (through exercising at home, or with Pam in the Gym), or by drinking the Agong Amok coffee beans in the cafe. During the act, chose "go harder" instead of "go faster" to unlock the basic exhaustion, and "Oh, we're not done yet, dear. I guess it's time to see how you like a little domination yourself." to unlock the rear entrance.

- What are the tricks for Mia's second movie?
You need to purchase the t-shirt set from the online shop to unlock her public performance. You need Smoothness of 10 or above to unlock the Deep Throat scene (you can get that by chilling in the park, drinking the El Loco coffee, or reading PUA books. To unlock the emotional moment (and incidentally kick off the first step in Mia's romance quest-line) offer to call her a cab "Do you need me to call a cab?".

- Romance ? I thought this was porn!
Well, yeah.. so did I. The characters had their own thoughts. Don't worry, if you're just after a quick fuck with no emotional strings attached, the game allows that as well. Mia's Romance Quest continues at the University; you'll need to talk to her in the library while carrying a rose.

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what to do next after having 3 dates with mia

I am clueless

After the 3 dates are over, and you've filmed her movie in the library, you'll get an email from someone. At which point the game turns a bit darker.

I have even saved mia , there is no one in gym , there is no one in the hospital. what should i do 

So you've saved Mia, and had the next movie with her (together with her unwilling co-start)? If so, pass me your save game folder, I'll have a look, see if I can work out what's going wrong.

If you're on windows, the path should be:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Droid Games\Making Movies

Just zip up the whole thing and send it over to

I cant really do all the checklist in the library movie.

The library one requires you to hang out with her, and to study to bring up your Smarts > 10. You also need to clear Chloe's movie for maximum fun.

I'm about to upload a new (and penultimate) version

how do i get the handcuffs?

Once you've completed Susan's Movie (you need to talk to Derek at the Hospital, then return to him with the spy camera), Susan will give it to you if you ask. After agreeing with Chloe to meet up to do a movie, head over to the hospital, and Susan will give it to you in return for a future favour.

How do I save Mia?

It should be hard to miss (since you're locked in the office until you start the sequence), but use the phone to call someone that can help you. Once that person tracks down Mia, a new location opens on the main map.

tried to use the phone but it said I don't really have anyone I should be calling.

The concrete steps:
1. See email on PC
2. Call people on the phone
3. New location opens up on the bottom right of the world map.


How do I trigger the dates?
Once you give Mia the rose in Library, she'll email you the next day to say thank you. This opens up the opportunity for for dates. Use the Telephone on the Desk in the Office to call Mia. You can now trigger a date later that evening. There are 3 dates; the first at Chloe's Cafe (Joe & Joy), the second at the Park, and the third at Pam's Gym. A day or so after the final date, there's an email that advance the story.

Where is the library because it dosen't show up in the map?

You need to raise your Intelligence to 10, then you'll start meeting Mia outside the University in the evenings. Talk to her a couple of times, and she'll tell you she's studying in the library later that day.