Back in the harness. v0.2.2

After a nearly 2 month hiatus while real life has been screwing with me, I'm finally able to spend more time.
v0.2.2 is a beta, PC only. Once it's bug-tested, we'll do the rest of the platforms. (Would have been a smarter way to do this in the first place, but I guess I got over-confident).

0.2.2 continues the love story line of Making Movies, after Mia mysteriously disappears. You need to enlist a special friend to save her.

There's also a bunch of bug-fixes from 0.2.0, including lots of continuity fixes, cleaned up dialog and posing for the Dates along the Romance track.


Making 285 MB
Aug 12, 2018

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"After a nearly 2 month hiatus while real life has been screwing with me..." I hope your doing ok dude, this game is supper awesome and I'd love to see it confinue!


Thanks, Raxynus. It took a while, but the final installment is almost ready. I just need to stamp out the bugs, and it's going up here. Hopefully by next weekend.

That's great news! Well I'm not one to rush anybody. I hate when folks push content creators like they are EA or something...I like to think of myself as the random on reddit type; still wishing for an update but would rather help production in some way rather then yell at the creators lol