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A bit over a year ago I started a story about a man, recently ruined from a divorce, looking to get rich, get famous and get even. To do so, he was going to pervert the many girls of the unnamed city, starting with the girl I informally called "tutorial girl", a petite little Asian girl that would gently introduce the player to the world and controls (and get screwed in the process). God loves it when we make plans; it gives him something to laugh at. 

Mia, once the tutorial girl, stuck around way past the tutorial. Rather than the game evolving into a harem fantasy, the game quickly became a Waifu story about the starting character. With the final update I wanted to pull it all together; a final (epic) movie shoot that was hinted from the very first episode, meeting up with all the characters you've interacted with over the course of the game, and a final.. climax. In the end, living well is the best revenge.

As for me? I'm busy working on the next game, called Love of Magic. If I was going to describe it simply, I'd say it's Harry Potter or Harry Dresden meets Persona 4/5. I'll have more updates on that as it gets closer to a first release.

Thanks for playing the game, hope you all enjoyed it. See you soon.


Making_Movies_Savegame_complete.rar 5 MB
Jul 20, 2019
making_movies_0_9_13.apk 325 MB
Sep 14, 2019 294 MB
Sep 14, 2019

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