First build! v0.05b

This is the first build of Making Movies uploaded to After a bit of back and forth this looks like it'll be the central hub for the game. It seems a great community, and we love that it can host the web-playable version in addition to the normal PC (and in the future OSX and Android) playables.

This version of Making Movies has been primarily focused on technology development. All the characters are now animated, we've added videos, and the website and shop are now working. Fo the first time it's playable on Web, which makes a huge difference. It's also the first release that moves beyond the 'tutorial', where you make your first movie with Mia. Once Day 2 starts the world opens up significantly, with more characters, more plans and more locations. You can now purchase books in the store, read them in your office, train your muscles or enjoy a hot cup of coffee, work out in the gym or help out an old friend.

So; what's the plans for 0.06? - Mia will return for a new movie shoot
- Finish up the Hot Coffee path, which culminates in a movie with Chloe. Eventually. After much pain.
- We're setting up additional ingame actions for the Park
- Progress the storyline with Derek and Susan; safe to say, Susan really isn't someone you should be messing around with.

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Apr 01, 2018

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