The wonderful thing about Players...

.. is players are wonderful things. As Tigger might have sung.

After an influx of players the last 2 days we've gotten >50 bug reports, localization updates and issues. v0.07a is a fix on all known bugs (apart from the worst bug, called "no more content"). A huge thanks to everyone who reported bugs and helped drive this project forward!

We'll get back to making more content in a moment; right now there are 3 quest lines that are getting focus. Mia has a second date for a movie; this one is almost complete, and should be in for 0.08. The dedicated player should be able to stomach the Trinidad Scorpion coffee, which would imply Chloe has to take one for the team (or possibly the entire team, you know how Chloe can be). Finally, we left Derek a bit tied up in a workplace conflict with his boss. I wonder what happens there?

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Apr 03, 2018

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