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At some level, of course, Making Movies is an adult game. I've spent two weeks building the world elements, inspired by games like Persona 4/5, but at the core there needs to be some NSFW parts.

I really enjoyed the adventures of Mia in her first movie; she's always existed in my imagination as a girl both curious and scared about sexuality. Enough so that I ended up scrapping the 'dark' path of her story (the only way to max out her movie is to just treat her kindly, and patiently. That, and some booze).

For movie 2, though, I'm going for a very different path. Your university buddy, Derek, has a classic 'chikan' plan; he'll take dirty pics of a girl, and use those to blackmail her into really compromising position. Which historically works really well with Japanese highschool girls, but might back-fire rather badly if you try it on someone with a background in black ops and some rather exciting kinks.

I'm curious how people will respond to this sub-story; each of the girls in Making Movies have their own personality, and their own voice. Often it doesn't feel like I'm writing them, and more like I'm letting them express themselves through the game. It's a lot of fun mixing the linear technicality of scripting something like that, with the spontaneity of dealing with characters that seemingly disagree with my plans for them.

To get to Susan's first movie, just help Derek achieve his dreams.. Sometimes what we didn't know we wished for is exactly what we deserve.


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Apr 06, 2018

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