We've put together a complete build set for the first time for 0.09.

What's changed:
- A LOT of work's gone into resolution independence. Pretty much every UI's been touched to make them well-behaved across multiple resolutions (which is a must on Android, but useful for everyone)

- Cleaned up Mia's 2nd movie to make it feel more coherent

- Added in 100+ new memories, and made memory unlocking work (unlock scenes you've seen, and view them from settings)

- Fixed some store bugs introduced in the UI cleanup (* blush). You can now buy Mia's t-shirt in the clothing store again

- New UI for the computer is hopefully easier to understand.

- As of the next full build (0.10) we'll be slowing down the release cadence, and asking people to help beta-test early versions. We'll do another post about that going forward. 

Hope you guys enjoy the build!


making-movies-osx.zip 233 MB
Version 5 5 hours ago
web_0_09.zip 193 MB
17 days ago
making_movies_v0_09.apk 209 MB
17 days ago
making-movies-osx.zip 233 MB
Version 1.0.1194.4101 17 days ago
making-movies-windows-x86.zip 228 MB
Version 1.0.1194.4101 17 days ago
making-movies-linux-universal.zip 250 MB
Version 1.0.1194.4101 17 days ago

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